Alex Harris Collaborations specialises in working with you to produce the Wedding,  Event, or Function of your dreams. There's no 'secret sauce' here, 'cos it's all in the planning and in Alex's dedication to get things right - for you.  As a highly experienced and entertaining speaker, writer and presenter,  she is now available to officiate at your Wedding as Celebrant, MC corporate events , as well as host all manner of celebrations of love, life and loss.

During the most important events in your life, it's essential to do what you can to ensure their success. That's why it is so very important to have a professional at the helm.

Alex Harris - Collaborations understands this fundamental truth and aims to allow you to immerse yourself in every experience, taking the stress out of the creation of your memorable moments.

These moments, the ones that stay etched in our minds, take on many different guises. They can be joyful – weddings, anniversaries, and celebrations of all kinds. They can be a gathering of like-minded individuals:  learning, listening, and laughing. Or, as is inevitable, they can be heart wrenching – a time to remember lost loved ones or celebrate their lives with funerals, memorials or the scattering of ashes.

Collaboration - “the action of working with someone, to produce something”